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Adagio for strings

My skin, like the taut strings of the violin
your hands, like the bow across my shoulder
I vibrate under your touch
I can't help but sing
it feels so wonderful

your voice, like the resonance of the cello
moving with your fingers
making my song faster

your heartbeat, like the soft vibrato of the bass
I can hear it when my ear is to your chest
I can see it, when you stop time with a glance
I can feel it, with the caress of the bow

the music, like the frenzied touch of our bodies
so quivering
so tense
but so beautiful for the audience
invoking bated breath
holding hearts captive
making onlookers still
leaving the world silent
with the final loving whisper and sigh

play me till the world stops
I cannot bear to make music with another
create a masterpiece with my plain form
make me lovely when you hold my curve to you
never put me away
and if you must
let it be with the promise
of an even lovlier song to come


I feel a passion with you I thought could never be real.

The way you write to me, it's like a dream come true. The only way I could ever hope to get through a separation of this kind.

It makes me want you all the more when you talk about how the most mundane things make you think of making love to me.

I want to be back in your arms.  Being with you makes me feel like I'm wrapped up in my blankets in the early morning all the time. Like I've just begun to feel again after my dreams have paused.

I want to escape.

And I want never, ever to wake up.

none subject

high I hang myself
in a gilded cage
if all they see is how it sparkles
they'll never ask why I've trapped myself



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